DASOMAN: Projekt abgeschlossen!

03 Sep 2020 - By André Rinau

2,5 Jahre intensive Forschung und Entwicklung liegen hinter uns. Herzlichen Dank an die Partner let´s dev, DFKI und Dury Legal.

Das Ergebnis: Ein starker Proof-of-Concept: Datensouveränität für Nutzer ist möglich, ohne den Dienstanbieter einzuschränken.

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André Rinau

André is digital enthusiast and founder and CEO at MONDATA.
I’m convinced that IT improves the world if applied purposefully and with sound judgement. Digitization is most certainly not a solution for everything. A critical examination of real-life process and challenges is required in order to decide whether IT can be helpful.
Before my time at MONDATA, i worked for many years as a management consultant with an international consultancy firm where I served numerous German and Swiss mid-sized to large-sized enterprises at a decision maker level.
At MONDATA, we want to create an ecosystem for our employees, customers and partners, that allows for constant self-improvement on a professional, human or business level. We’re aiming for long-lasting and trusting partnerships with our customers. With our IT-products, we realize our own ideas and strive to create real benefit for our userbase.